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19th-May-2017 08:16 pm - An Annoying Day
I have been having a few health problems lately so I have been doing the rounds of the doctors and being sent for tests. I had to book into a local hospital for some tests. First of all, I tried to call them to make an appointment. After waiting on the phone I managed to talk to someone, who put me through to a department, who put me through to another department, who put me through to ANOTHER department. Then I finally reached the section that I needed, only to get a recorded message that I had to fax the referral through to them. So not having a fax machine I decided to just take the referral in myself.
I got to the hospital, it is one of the larger ones in my area, I wandered around trying to find someone that could help me. Once again I bounced from section to section finally hitting a dead end. I was not the only one, the hospital is undergoing renovations and no-one could find anything. Finally, I managed to find the department I needed, (it was out in the street) only to be told they would call me back with an appointment time. (They haven't.)
Boy if this is a taste of things to come, this is going to be horrible. :-(
14th-May-2017 03:24 pm - Happy Mother's Day
No spoilers so I won't bother putting the post under a cut. Great movie and I am really looking forward to the Wonder Woman movie coming out as well.
I have been having fun watching some old favourites on Youtube. I found an old anthology series from the early seventies. It was originally called Ghost Story and had Sebastian Cabot as the Host. It was later renamed Circle Of Fear and there was one episode that featured a killer toy horse. I loved that episode, as a kid it scared the hell out of me. It is a great series indeed that can make a toy horse scary. LOL

I am so happy that these old shows are still available. :-)
My wonderful hubby took me to Cairns to see my sister,, my brother in law, my niece and two great nephews. It was so exciting to see them again after so many years. We were a little nervous when we thought cyclone Debbie was going to hit but it went further down the coast.
I am worried about one of my nieces in Mackay. I hope she is all right. I messaged her and I have not heard back yet.
I just hope the people in Queensland are safe after being slammed by cyclone Debbie. It is one of the worst we have seen for a while.
5th-Mar-2017 06:04 pm - Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras
Steve and I went to the Gay And Lesbian Mardi Gras last night. This time my nineteen-year-old daughter came along for the first time.

Oxford Street was packed but we managed to get good spots, not right at the front but close enough that we could still see. The rain held off even though the clouds were a worry, it did rain a little towards the end, but only lightly.

It was fun, plenty of floats but we were surprised to see a Liberal National Party float there, aren't they the ones blocking marriage equality? The leader of the Opposition Bill Shorten was there, he marched right past us so that was good to see. Now if he can only win an election.

It was a lot of fun but it seemed a more political this year. I know the Mardi Gras did start off as a protest against police brutality and the unjust laws at the time, and I know that same-sex marriage is an important issue, one I fully support, but I hope that the Mardi Gras does not start becoming too serious. I love the sense of fun that it has, the costumes, the glitter, it would be a shame to lose that even though I realise the importance of getting the message out there. After it finished, Steve and I wandered down to Kings Cross to grab something to eat while the daughter went home, (she had work the next morning.) Ended up having the best meal really cheap from a little roadside cafe. :-)

All up it was a great night but we are both so tired, guess we can't party like we are twenty anymore. LOL
15th-Feb-2017 09:07 pm - Happy Valentine's Day
Hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's day. :-)
26th-Jan-2017 01:35 pm - Happy Australia Day to all my friends
Have a great Australia Day everybody. Throw a prawn on the barbie along with your lamb, steak pork chop or whatever you enjoy. :-D
2nd-Jan-2017 08:57 pm - Feeling a little nostalgic and sad
I have just discovered that my favourite comic book shop has closed for good. Comic Kingdom was a great place to buy comics, books and generally cool stuff. It was housed in an old building in the city and going in there was like entering Aladdin's cave.

They guys that worked there were friendly and really nice. We always stopped to chat and quite often they would put comics aside for me that they thought I might like.

I had been going to that store for over twenty years and came to consider the guys there friends. Now the store is closed due to the owner being very ill. It's funny how something can become such a part of your life isn't it?
31st-Dec-2016 09:13 pm - Happy New Year
To all my friends, have a wonderful end of year celebration. I know I haven't been on LJ very much and hardly on DW at all but hopefully I will be around a little more next year.

This year has been a real roller coaster with me retiring from work to study and various family stuff happening, both good and bad. :-)

Steve and I are going to Melbourne to stay with my eldest daughter and son in law for a few days after Christmas so that will be great. I haven't seen them in so long. After that, a couple of days in Queensland on the Gold Coast. I am looking forward to the break.

So have a great Christmas and I will see you all next year. HUGS :-D
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