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Lady Midath's Journal
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15th-Sep-2017 06:27 pm - Back from our trip
Steve had a load to take up the coast to Wauchope and I got to go with him. I love driving up the coast, (yes Steve has gone back to removals again after the steel mesh place screwed him over) we got a little rain, but all up the weather was nice. Next week Queensland Yeah, road trip. :-)
10th-Sep-2017 02:49 pm - MRI scan today
I had my MRI scan nice and early this morning. I have been getting numbness and tingling in my left leg so my neurologist thinks it could be sciatica. My sister has it in her left arm. I just need a new body. *sigh*

Well Spring is here and the weather has been beautiful, cold but very pleasant. But both Steve and I have come down with a late flu...ughhh.

I also attended a rally outside the Channel Seven studio in Martin Place to protest against the attack their show Sunrise has been doing against people who are poor and unemployed.
Stop blaming people who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own. We can't help it if we have an incompetent and corrupt government that are sending all the jobs overseas.
It wasn't a big rally but they were a nice bunch of people. I even got to give a speech at the microphone. Pretty nerve wracking as there were hundreds of people in Martin Place on their way to work or where ever.

There was another huge rally on today in the city for marriage equality but Steve and I are too sick to go, we would probably infect everyone there.
28th-Aug-2017 09:42 pm - Saw The Dark Tower...no spoilers
I went to see The Dark Tower today and I have to say I enjoyed it. I have read the entire series by Stephen King so I knew the entire storyline. I know that the movie diverges from the book(s) but I still thought it was well done so I don't know why all the critics are hating on it. Maybe it was because I went in with low expectations after reading all the flack that the movie copped, so I wasn't expecting a masterpiece, but I thought it was still good. I loved Matthew McConaughey as Walter'O'Dim and Idris Elba as Roland Deschain even though a lot of people were pissed off at both casting choices. Maybe it is going to be one of those movies that everyone hates at first, then later becomes a classic. Who knows, but I liked it.
I am so looking forward to spring. It has been a lovely winter, we even got a trip to the snow, where we had record snowfalls but the weather is warming up and it is so nice. I think we will still have a few cold days ahead, but summer and the beach beckons.

On a completely different note and a sort of Geeky Girl post...what the hell is going on over at Marvel. I know they cancelled The Fantastic Four, after the mess of the last movie and Fox studios refusing to allow Marvel to get the film rights back, I can understand it, but they are cancelling a whole lot of titles including Deadpool and Thor. Damn it Marvel, why?

I was talking to the manager of Zing, the store has just opened up near where I live, he was the one that told me. I got on the net to try and find out more. Apparently, there are a lot of conflicting accounts but it seems that Disney wants to concentrate on the movies as there is more profit.

I know that Marvel was cleaning up their universe with Secret Wars and now Legacy but please don't go down DC's path by continuingly rebooting, retconning and canceling everything. I love Marvel and I am scared that Disney is slowly going to take a wrecking ball to it. I do not mind the DC Rebirth, even though they canceled a lot of good titles such as Justice League Dark and The Phantom Stranger, but the new Hellblazer: John Constantine is pretty good and I don't mind Harley Quinn although I think they need to tone down the craziness a little and just be a little more coherent.

Still, I just hope Marvel will survive, I grew with both DC and Marvel and I would hate to see either one get destroyed because of corporate exes who just don;t give a damn.
17th-Aug-2017 03:10 pm - Nice Day Today
Having a relaxing day today. I have my step son Andrew with me, his Mum is sick so I am looking after him. His Dad is working so we went to the beach and he played in the park for a while, then after chicken and chips for lunch, we went back home and now he is kicking back watching cartoons. I love spending time with Andrew as we only get him on Friday nights. The weather was perfect today as well. Winter is pretty much over and we are getting the milder weather, although on a sadder note, the bushfires have already started.
12th-Aug-2017 07:02 pm - Busy Day
What a day, Steve and I did so much running around today. Went to the medal shop over at Ramsgate for Dad to get his new medals mounted. We thought his original medals that he received in WWII were stolen so the Department of Veteran Affairs sent him replacements. Then his original medals turned up. It seemed that his wife had hidden them when she had found out that dad wanted his eldest grandson to have them. Long story short, he found them but by this time the replacements had been sent to him. So Steve and I took the replacement medals to have them mounted, those are the ones that my nephew is getting. Then we had to go to Miranda, then Southgate to get our new phones. We got the Oppo F1S
which is a great phone. I love the huge screen size. :-) Then we had to pick Andrew up and do some shopping, find phone covers and try to get screen protectors.

By the time we got home, we were wiped. We got a lot done though.:-D One a sour note, I used my old sim card for my new phone and lost all my numbers, arggg, why don't I write these things down. Still, it was a good day.
3rd-Aug-2017 03:20 pm - Off To The Snow Tomorrow
So excited, Steve and I are taking his 9-year-old to Perisher Valley for the weekend. We planning to stay in Canberra as it's a pretty short trip from there to the snow. Andrew has never seen snow before so I think he will be thrilled. Hopefully they are predicting a good snow fall for the weekend. :-)
26th-Jul-2017 03:55 pm - Good News
Congratulations to my husband Steve for being promoted into the office. He has been working for the company as a truck driver delivering steel to building sites. Yesterday the manager told him that she wanted him to work full time in the office. As much as he loves driving, he is getting a bit beyond the physical work and with his Essential Tremors, it's making it even harder for him to climb up and down the truck to do the crane, chains etc.

He has always wanted to work in an office so it is really great, I love seeing him happy. :-D
6th-Jul-2017 07:29 pm - A Good Week
It was a pretty good week, my daughter has started her radiation treatment. The good news is that the cancer is slow mving and has not spread. She does not have any other cancers so that's good news. It is still hard to believe that she has cancer though, she is only nineteen. I know young people get it as much as older people, but it is still such a shock. she is handling the treatments though, she goes every evening. Her blood pressure has dropped a little and she has been getting nauseous, the doctor is keeping an eye on it. She is very positive though which is good.
I looked after my step son for a couple of days while his mum worked. (It's school holidays) we had fun going to the beach and the park even though it's been freezing here. Andrew loved feeding the ducks but got a little freaked out at the flying foxes hanging from the branches of the trees. :-)
25th-Jun-2017 01:29 pm - What a week
It's all been happening this week. First of all, my niece gave birth to a beautiful baby girl called Dakota. It is her first so exciting for the whole family. On a sadder note, my 92-year-old father is back in hospital again. He went in yesterday with chest pains and it turns out that his kidneys are only functioning at 20 per cent. The doctor also thinks Dad has hardening of the arteries, so, not good.
He is having tests today so hopefully we will know more soon. Steve and I were down the coast watching whales swimming in towards the coast when we got the news about Dad. We went and saw him last night, he is in good spirits, but he is so unsteady on his feet. His wife isn't handling Dad being sick very well, so I am worried about her as well.

I am not hopeful that they will allow Dad to go home this time but I can't imagine him living in a nursing home. Knowing him, he would hate it. I don't think his wife Letty could cope with it either so we are all worried. But I just want Dad to get the best treatment. It is hard to know what the best thing to so is when someone is that age. We are going out to see him again soon.
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