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Lady Midath's Journal
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23rd-Feb-2019 09:18 pm - Summer flu
Well, my husband proved that he is a sharing caring person because he has just shared his flu with me. I am parked on the lounge feeling miserable. I even canceled lunch with my daughter and her boyfriend which was something I was looking forward to. I have spent the day taking throat lozenges and watching my favourite movies on tv. It was cold and rainy today which is a relief from the heat. Hope I am over this by Monday because I am at Cronulla for my work placement.
7th-Feb-2019 11:04 am - Some Good News
Well, I have finally finished my course, Certificate lll in Community Services. All done, now all I have to do is wait to have the final assessments graded and next week I start my work placement. I have decided to do it with a local, not for profit organisation that arranges activities for elderly people. I have to do 120 hours so the manager who runs it is giving me three days a week in five hour lots. I am looking forward to it and hopefully, this will lead me into a counselling course.
29th-Jan-2019 07:13 pm - Ouchie
Poor Steve has been in the wars. First, his knees and hips have been playing up and heatwave has been making him feel really tired and he has been out working in it. Now he's got a bite on his finger from one of the cockatoos we have been feeding. We have birdseed for the wild birds and a fruit and nut mix for the Lorikeets and the Currawongs. After giving the cockies their seed he went to give the Lorikeets they food when one of the cockie's grabbed his finger to pull the bag of bird mix towards him. Now Steve has a cut on his finger and the cockatoo is in disgrace. No more treats for them. Hopefully, Steve will forgive the cockatoo and they can be friends again. :-)
18th-Jan-2019 03:09 pm - Quick Update
Had a lovely time in Queensland but I have been having to catch up on my Counselling course. I have sent in another assignment so fingers crossed I have passed.
I have started watching Titans and it's not bad. Nice seeing some Vertigo characters and a character I had forgotten about. :-)
The new Watership Downs seems pretty good as well. I read the book years ago and I remember the animated film. Still, waiting for the new season of Aggretsuko though. Nothing much is happening, it's fairly peaceful which is the way I like it, who knows, 2019 might not be a bad year. Now let's hope I have not jinxed it LOL
30th-Dec-2018 05:20 pm - Lovely day at my sister's
Julie always puts on a great spread. So much food I think I have put on five kilos just looking at it LOL. Now on my way home to eat Christmas pudding ice cream. Yes it is a thing. :-)
I have been trying to catch up on my studies and run around trying to get Christmas together. I made my first trifle which I am proud to say was a success and a pavlova but I bought the base so I kinda cheated. LOL
It was a quiet Christmas, just the way I like it but I have all this food left over now. I am going to be eating ham until Easter LOL
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.
The carpet was laid in the two bedrooms today and it looks good. The two guys that came out to do the carpet kept complaining that there was so much furniture, well sorry guys but I like to sit on chairs and sleep in a bed. I am funny like that. Also, there was the same amount of furniture that first time you cam out except for a couple of old wardrobes that Steve and a friend of ours Brad too out for the rubbish, so actually there was less. The work is finally finished and now we can get the flat back to normal. Yay. I should not complain though, I am really happy with the kitchen and the new carpet. I am glad that its all finished though. :-)
28th-Nov-2018 03:16 pm - Rain rain and more rain
Summer is here but the weather has turned so cold and wet. Apparently, we are getting a month's worth of rain in one day although the way the news is reporting it, they are making it sound like the end of days. LOL It's not affecting us so much, it seems more towards the city and even though there is some flooding, I think we will all survive.
Just submitted another assignment so I am getting close to finishing the course. All that is left are a few more units and work placement, then hopefully on to my Counselling course proper.
Steve and I are getting ready for Christmas, we are not putting up decorations this year as it's really just going to be the two of us and the unit is upside down at the moment because of the new kitchen, flooring, and carpeting. Everything is a mess so I don't need decorations to add to the chaos. I know it sounds grinchy but I have so much on my plate right now.
I will be glad when all the renovations are finished though so I can get this place back to normal. :-)
2nd-Nov-2018 04:20 pm - Second Post In One Day
Steve and I have had a bit of a health scare. Nearly a year ago, I decided to become a vegetarian. It was something I was thinking of doing for a while for multiple reasons, including not wanting to eat animals anymore. Steve being the wonderfully supportive husband that he is, decided to stop eating meat and fish as well. Over the course of the year, we both found that we were feeling more tired, Steve's mood was slowly changing and he was becoming impatient and bad-tempered which is so out of character for him. He is usually one of the most even-tempered men I have ever met. I have no time for sour people, believe me.
We went to the doctor to see what was going on. Steve's blood sugar was through the roof, as was mine. Steve is diabetic and I have insulin resistance as we both have to watch what we eat. We don't eat junk food and we make sure we take vitamins and buy fresh food so we thought that we would be okay. It turns out that our new meat free diet has been playing havoc with our bodies, our blood sugar was going crazy even though many of the recipes were diabetes friendly. So now we have decided to start eating meat and fish again. I feel bad because I liked being a vegetarian but not to the detriment of our health. So it's back to eating meat once more.
2nd-Nov-2018 04:08 pm - Happy Halloween
Yes, I know it's a little late but Steve and I have been so busy. Not only was it Halloween but it was also our three-year anniversary when Steve proposed so we went out to celebrate. Today is my oldest daughter and my baby granddaughter's birthday as well so it's going to be a busy week.
Finished my course's first semester and passed, (thank god.) now onto the next semester.
Hope everyone had fun on Halloween so now it's on to Christmas. (I much prefer Halloween though.)
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