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Lady Midath's Journal
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2nd-Nov-2018 04:20 pm - Second Post In One Day
Steve and I have had a bit of a health scare. Nearly a year ago, I decided to become a vegetarian. It was something I was thinking of doing for a while for multiple reasons, including not wanting to eat animals anymore. Steve being the wonderfully supportive husband that he is, decided to stop eating meat and fish as well. Over the course of the year, we both found that we were feeling more tired, Steve's mood was slowly changing and he was becoming impatient and bad-tempered which is so out of character for him. He is usually one of the most even-tempered men I have ever met. I have no time for sour people, believe me.
We went to the doctor to see what was going on. Steve's blood sugar was through the roof, as was mine. Steve is diabetic and I have insulin resistance as we both have to watch what we eat. We don't eat junk food and we make sure we take vitamins and buy fresh food so we thought that we would be okay. It turns out that our new meat free diet has been playing havoc with our bodies, our blood sugar was going crazy even though many of the recipes were diabetes friendly. So now we have decided to start eating meat and fish again. I feel bad because I liked being a vegetarian but not to the detriment of our health. So it's back to eating meat once more.
2nd-Nov-2018 04:08 pm - Happy Halloween
Yes, I know it's a little late but Steve and I have been so busy. Not only was it Halloween but it was also our three-year anniversary when Steve proposed so we went out to celebrate. Today is my oldest daughter and my baby granddaughter's birthday as well so it's going to be a busy week.
Finished my course's first semester and passed, (thank god.) now onto the next semester.
Hope everyone had fun on Halloween so now it's on to Christmas. (I much prefer Halloween though.)
27th-Oct-2018 03:31 pm - Success, (almost)
Well, I have sent off the last assessment for the first set of modules and now I have to go about organising work experience. The one place I wanted to it has closed its doors in my area. This government seems to hate charities and is intent on starving them of funding. :-(. Still, there are a few more I was planning on having a look at. Now I need to get my police and working with children check, then I can start on my next set of modules. :-)
19th-Oct-2018 11:31 am - Just A Bit Of A Catch-up
I noticed that I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I would just catch up with a heap of general stuff.
Some good news, our flat is being completely redone. A new kitchen, the one we have now is falling to pieces because it is so old, and new carpet as well. YAY. It's being done before Christmas so we have a whole lot of packing to do so the workmen can come in and do it all.
Also, I received my results from my Community Work And Study assessment and I passed, so that's good.
I had to get some work done on my car, just a few bits and pieces, oil change, new air, and oil filter and spark plugs, nothing major thank god. Geraldine is an old car, but she is reliable. :-)
On a sadder note, I still haven't had a chance to see Venom yet, hopefully, I will get to see it soon.
That's about it for now.
26th-Sep-2018 05:19 pm - Don't Feel Like Adulting Today
Oh man what a week, and it has not been a great one. Steve has been in real pain with his knees. He has osteoarthritis and bony growths that have been getting worse so he has been grumpy which is not his usual cheerful self. He is trying new painkillers and has gone back to the chiropractor/physio but I don't think it's helping. He has had the cold laser treatment but the exercises aren't really helping anymore.
He is too young for a knee replacement so we need to find something that works.

That and I have had a couple of minor setbacks, nothing really bad, but annoying, but I have passed my third assignment so there is that. Just little stupid annoyances, but we are going away for a nice weekend to Canberra so hopefully that will be nice.
6th-Sep-2018 05:38 pm - Visited A Friend Today
A close friend of mine is a diabetic, she has had to have her right leg amputated just below her knee. The ulcers got too bad and she ended up with gangrene in her toes. Her left leg isn't looking too great either. I have been helping her get assistance from various agencies, but this piece of shit government that we have right now just keeps slashing services. It's so frustrating but I think hopefully, that she has a unit that's been modified for wheelchairs, to move into. I think once she is out of the hospital and in a place of her own, she will be able to heal and adjust, not that it's easy. My heart is breaking for her, after having to have open heart surgery, and now this.
24th-Aug-2018 06:07 pm - Another Day Another PM
So it seems that my local member Scott Morrison is now our new Prime Minister. God help us all.
...and passed thank god. It's a good course and I am really enjoying it but it is really involved so I really have to buckle down. It's good that I have the flat to myself for most of the day so I can study in quiet. There are a lot of good libraries in the area as well so they are another good place to study. The only problem is that they don't have a lot of reference books on the subject that I am studying so I think I am going to have to visit the TAFE campus and use their libraries there.
On another note, Steve has been having trouble with his knees and back lately and I have been waking up really stiff and sore. (I call it old geezers syndrome LOL) so we drove out to the Supa Centre and bought a new mattress. Hopefully, it will improve our sleep and we won't wake up feeling so stiff and sore.
12th-Aug-2018 01:05 pm - Back From Queensland
Steve and I have gotten back from Queensland. We decided not to stay an extra night in Coffs Harbour, we just wanted to get back home. Had a lovely visit with my sister, brother-in-law and two of my nieces. Finally got to meet my little grand niece as well. :-) We got in at about 1 am and we slept straight through until nearly 8. Then we just went out to take the truck back and grab some breakfast. We did a little shopping and now we are both taking it easy.
I am really pissed off at the moment though, I went to start my car up. It's a little two-door Mitsubishi Lancer. We had been having some battery trouble, a rust protector cap had been draining the battery but it's fixed now. I still wanted to check that the car would start up and she did, so the problem seems like it's been taken care off.
But then I decided to open the boot to get some shopping bags out, only the damn lock seems to have frozen. I pulled the key out and it is completely bent. It's the only car key I have so now I have to get the bloody thing fixed. Probably going to cost me a hundred dollars. Not a great start to the day. :-(
Still, it's nice to be back home.
28th-Jul-2018 01:39 pm - Back from holiday
Steve and I had a lovely holiday, we went to Tumut, Perisher Valley to play in the snow and Merrimbula Beach. It was nice to have a break. The holiday resort at Merrimbula Beach was great. We are planning on going back when the weather is warmer. Steve and I took a scenic flight over the coastline. It was the first time I had been up in a light airplane.

I have also started a distance course on Community and I hope to follow it up with a Counseling course. The one I was doing through OTEN actually was not the correct course so hopefully this one will help get into counseling. I would like to work with one of the local charities if I could. So far it has been going well, so fingers crossed. :-)
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