New Samsung Tablet And Sleep Study

God, I am so tired, I had to go to the hospital to have a sleep study done for sleep apnea, which it looks like I have. The staff at the hospital were really nice but how do you sleep when you have something like a thousand cords stuck all over you? I think I may have gotten a couple of hours sleep. Still, they got me in early which is good as the waiting list is so long. We used to have a sleep study unit at my local hospital but it's not there anymore. Our wonderful Liberal government(actually as right-wing conservative as they come,) keeps cutting the funding to the hospitals.
After I came out of the hospital Steve bought me a new Samsung Galaxy Tablet to replace my Lenovo one. I am going to load games on the Lenovo for my stepson so he can play with it.

A Lovely Day

Monday was a public holiday (Labour Day) so we decided to go to our local beach. My middle daughter picked me up early and we drove down to the north end of the beach and began our walk but she started feeling sick so she ended up going home. Then my husband and his two kids met me at Shelley beach at the south end for a swim. We ended up having lunch then going home. It was good that we left early because after 2 pm the beaches were getting so packed they ended up closing them due to Covid and social distancing.

It was a really nice day, my daughter messaged me later to say she was feeling better and that she thought it might have been something she ate.

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A Quiet Week

Not much has been happening, my daughter and her three kids are in Sydney visiting although I have not seen them yet. It's school holidays so they are out doing all the fun stuff.

Volunteering has been fun with a new Golden Zumba class added for Thursday. It's great for older people as they can sit in chairs and do gentle fun exercises.

The weather is getting warmer now and the flowers are all out, I love stepping out onto the balcony and smelling all the beautiful scents from the surrounding gardens.

It will be swimming weather soon so hopefully, Steve's knee will be healed enough for us to go.


Keto Update

Well, it seems that the keto diet is actually working. My doctor put me on it to help me lose weight and get my blood glucose down. (Yeah it started rising again) I have been on it for not quite three weeks and I have lost nearly four kilos (roughly 8lbs.) This is an intensive diet though, it's incredibly strict, hardly any carbs and lots of fat and middle-range protein intake. I am enjoying the diet but I would not like to be on it for a long time as it really restricts what you can eat and I miss my apples and mandarins. Still, it's worth it to be some of this extra weight off and get some more energy.


New Diet

My endocrinologist has put me on a strict keto diet to help me lose weight, get my blood sugar down, (sadly it has shot up again), and help me lose the excess fluid. This is day two so I will keep uou all posted to see if it actually work.

Changed LJ Look

I decided to freshen up my LiveJournal page. as much as I liked the purple theme I thought that I might be a little hard to read so I picked one that looks to be easier to read, plus it has a cute fox so that's a bonus.
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Not A Bad Week

Steve's knee is definitely getting better although he still can't sleep properly at night. I am hoping that he will be able to sleep once the pain is gone because when he can't sleep, I can't sleep, and I need my sleep.
Speaking of sleep I need to have a sleep study done because the doctor thinks I have sleep apnea so another medical test, I am so sick of pun intended.
My daughter visited my father today and his palliative care nurse found out that he loves bagpipe music so she got a friend to go to dads' house and play the bagpipes for him. He loved it and even sang along. I wish I had been there. She is sending me photos and videos of it.
I finally got to watch Crisis On Infinite Earths, it was great but it needed more Constantine and Lucifer, definitely not enough of both.
Other than this not much else has been happening. I am hoping to be able to go back to the gym and volunteering now that Steve is becoming more mobile. although I can't see the Community groups being able to get back to normal anytime soon and I really miss them.
Maybe next year if the hell beast of a virus will give over.

Sad News

I just found out that my father is really starting to fail now. He was in the hospital on Wednesday where the doctors told my stepmother that his kidneys are no longer working and he is slowly dying. They have started palliative care and are making him as comfortable as possible.
I want to see him so much but this fucking Covid-19 is a worry. What do I do? I want to see him so much and I know that he does not have much time left. Should I take the chance?
I never got to say goodbye to my mum, she died suddenly from a stomach aneurysm, I don't want to not be able to tell dad that I love him even if its for the last time.

Revisiting Old Favourites

I started running out of things to binge on Netflix, Stan, Prime, and Disney. I have watched all the new shows coming out and I am still waiting for the next season of American Gods and The Boys. I haven't been able to get out much due to Steve recovering from his knee replacement surgery so that's why I have been watching so many shows. I decided to rewatch the original Dark Shadows, an old gothic soapie from when I was a kid. It's in black and white and the film and sound and be a bit fuzzy but it's still as good as I remember it. I have started from the very beginning, before Barnabas Collins, (Johnathan Frid) when it was centered on Victoria Winters. I loved this show as a kid, along with Carl Kolchak The Night Stalker. I even have a Moonstone graphic novel that crossed them both over. (It was fun watching Kolchak very nervously interacting with Barnabas Collins.) It's a lot of fun rediscovering old shows as well as watching new favourites.