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Lady Midath's Journal
Views From The Edge
9th-Aug-2019 05:53 pm - A Pretty Good Week
Not much happening. I visited my dad, he is doing okay but when we drove up to his house, he was standing out the front and he didn't recognise the car and seemed confused. As soon as Dad saw us, he looked almost relieved. It gave me a fright but as Steve pointed out, he is nearly 95. I guess at that age we are all allowed to be a little confused. Other than that, he was fine.
Steve and I are making plans for our wedding, we are driving up to Bribie Island in the next week to see the wedding celebrant who is going to perform the ceremony. It's going to be very simple because most of my family are scattered and I can't ask them to travel from interstate and overseas to attend, my brother-in-law is too sick and my sister can't leave him. So it's pretty much just going to be the two of us. I don't mind though as I don't want a lot of fuss.
I am looking forward to the honeymoon though. :-)
29th-Jul-2019 11:01 am - Quick Update
Nothing much happening at the moment, which is the way I like it. I have decided that I am too old for excitement which in my case, is usually strife and to be honest, I have had way too much of it when I was younger.
One thing, we finally have the NBN on which, to be honest, I am not that excited for. When Labour was handling it, it was going to be a good internet, but then Turnbull got his mitts on it and it's a mess. Some people like it, but others hate it because it's always dropping out. Also, it's taking forever to roll out because this piece of crap government knows when the entire country is connected, it will fail big time.
Still, it's what we are stuck with anyway.
Other than this, everything is ticking along which is nice. :-)
20th-Jul-2019 03:59 pm - Nice Day Today
My sister from another mother came over with her two youngest girls and my daughter Sasha drove them over here. Now she has her license she is driving everywhere. I am so glad I gave her my old car now.
We had lunch, mostly nibbles but they always enjoy it. Sadly Steve wasn't here as he had a job going up the coast so he won't be back until late.
We also had the new loungeroom chairs delivered. I love recliners but I think Steve is secretly missing his old couch.
Not a bad week although I seem to have this damn cold back again dammit.
16th-Jul-2019 06:38 pm - Grandkids Visit
My youngest daughter is getting close to having her baby so I took the grandkids for the night, they are five and four. We all had a great time and got the bonus of seeing Poppy driving a big truck.
8th-Jul-2019 05:28 pm - Good News
Well, I got the result and it turns out that the cancer on the back of my hand wasn't cancer after all. It was benign thank all the gods. Bad news, another pelvic floor ultrasound and another diabetes test even though I thought I reversed it. Still, no cancer so yay.
This is not a Geeky Girl post so no spoilers but I saw SFFH and it was awesome. Perfect casting, great story with real humour and fun. I think this might be the best Spidy movie so far. I know Aunt May keeps getting younger and younger but I can live with that. If my hand heals, (I split the wound open so it's all bandaged up again) I will do a Geeky Girl review.
On another note, Steve's divorce came through so we can now make it official and get married. YAY.
29th-Jun-2019 01:04 pm - Random Stuff (Again..)
Well, I had the stitches taken out of the back of my hand. The results of the skin cancer tests were not back yet so I have to go back to the medical centre next week.

My certificate for my course finally arrived, I now have to buy a frame for it. I have been checking out other online courses to do now this one is finished.

I stopped watching Zoo, it started off really well when it was centred on the animals' strange behaviour but the Chloe character got killed off and, I don't know, the story seemed to go downhill. I really didn't like the way Jamie's character was changing either so sorry Zoo, but I am finding another series to binge on.

Other than all this, that was about it for my week. Oh to end on a sad note though, my stepson's cat Mango died last night. He had had Mango since he was a baby and loved him even letting Mango sleep on his bed every night. The cat was 18 though, a good age, still, it is sad, Andrew is going to miss him.
23rd-Jun-2019 03:56 pm - Random Stuff
Missed Supanova this year. Funny it's the first time I have missed in like...forever. It would not be fun going with my hand still stitched up. I have already bumped it a couple of times and it hurt like hell. Steve and I did go shopping for a new recliner lounge suite. The one we wanted won't fit but we found another one and put a deposit on it. We get in about three to four weeks.
The insurance came through for my car which is a total loss (sob) so back to looking at cars again. (ugh)
Except for my hand and missing Supanova, it's been a pretty good week.
20th-Jun-2019 05:32 pm - Another Nasty Removed From My Hand
I went to the doctor this afternoon and the odd-looking growth on the back of my hand was a Basil Cell Carcinoma The doctor removed it and now I have stitches in the back of my hand. This is the third one I have had removed. I guess I am paying for all the time I spent on beaches and in the sun.
2nd-Jun-2019 09:35 am - Back From Holiday
Steve and I spent a week traveling the outback and yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. We traveled through NSW, up near the NT and back through Queensland. It was such a good trip I didn't want to come home. The downside, Steve got a mild dose of the flu and now I have it. How though? We have had how flu shots already. He is over it and I am parked on the lounge trying not to be miserable. I went to my youngest daughter's baby shower/gender reveal, yes, that is a thing, and it was outdoors at Oatley Park castle, where this is an actual replica of a small castle. Had a great time and even though we were under shelter, the castle has tables and barbecues, the wind cut right through so I got a chill on top of it all. Still finding out she is having a girl was worth it. :-)
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