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Lady Midath's Journal
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9th-Apr-2019 04:17 pm - Saw Shazam (No Spoilers)
Nice to see DC get another win. Shazam was great, Steve and I went to see it together and we both really enjoyed it. It was more light-hearted which I think fans like more even though I don't mind the darker takes on the DC and Marvel guys.

I am stoked for Avengers Endgame though and I am hoping that the new Hellboy is good. (fingers crossed) The upcoming movie that has me intrigued though is the Joker origin movie with Joaquin Phoenix, I saw a trailer for it and now I think I want to see more. Still, after watching the latest episode of American Gods and the second season of The Tick, it's a good time to be a geek. :-)
4th-Apr-2019 11:18 am - Happy Birthday...
...to Steve although he had to work and I had to go and get blood tests done. I bought a really nice Himalayan salt candle holder for him and I am waiting to get a foot spa. He has been having trouble with his feet lately and this time of year, they are scarce. Apparently most of the shops I visited only get them in around Christmas time although I would think that sore aching feet would be an all year round thing. Because he worked, he didn't feel like going out so we ordered pizza for him and ribs for me. We had a couple of drinks and just chilled. It was a nice evening all around.
23rd-Mar-2019 08:48 am - Voting

Steve and I went out to vote this morning and we ended up getting sent from table to table because they could not find our names on the electoral roll even though we both voted there last time. Turns out the boundaries have been changed again and even though we were voting in the area where we live, we had to vote in the area next to us. It took us twenty minutes even though we were among the first in. I wish they would just leave the boundaries alone, or at least let us all know.

21st-Mar-2019 05:38 pm - Nice Relaxing Birthday For A Change

Especially after last year after I had that horrible incident with my jobseeker manager, who btw was a complete idiot. Today has been chill though with a nice day out, got my hair cut (finally) and then came back home. A couple of lovely prezzies from my better half and then relaxing on the couch. This is my favourite way to spend the day. :-)

13th-Mar-2019 01:55 pm - Captain Marvel (No Spoilers)

Went to see Captain Marvel and I was not disappointed. It was a great movie and I got to see it at my favourite cinema. The big chain cinemas are so over priced now so I am happy that it was at my local one. It's a lot smaller and older but cheaper and it doesn't get so packed out. Also, you can choose your own seating. The larger ones have allocated seating only, although they will ask you what your preference is.

Captain Marvel will be another big win for Marvel, but I am really excited for Avengers End Game, Hellboy and Shazzam. This is a good time to be a geek. :-D 

10th-Mar-2019 01:00 pm - One Hell Of A Fright
The other morning my hubby and I were getting ready for work and work placement. It was about six am and we were standing near the bathroom I saw what looked like a huge cockroach. Our native cockroaches tend to be massive. :-O Now it's dark and I am not wearing my glasses, so here is this enormous black shape scuttling across the carpet and I yell out, 'catch it, it's a roach.' Hubby grabs a piece of tissue to pick it up and flush it down the toilet. Suddenly he yells out, 'ouch it's bitten me.' My heart went straight into my mouth, cockroaches to my knowledge don't bite. Then I realised, oh shit, it's a freaking spider, and that shape, a fucking funnel web. So I go into an instant panic thinking I was going to have to race Steve to the hospital. He turned on the light and to my enormous relief, it was a cockroach after all. Steve had hit his hand against something sharp in the room and thought he had been bitten. Moral of the story, wear your glasses so you can see what you're dealing with. :-)
28th-Feb-2019 04:13 pm - I Love SBS On Demand
I have found the best programs on SBS which is our multicultural channel. On Deman also incorporates the NITV which is Aboriginal and indigenous shows from around the world. I have been watching the best series that I have not found anywhere else. Wellington Paranormal was hilarious plus I found a great Richard Burton movie called The Medusa Touch. This is what happens when you are stuck at home sick all week. You search for stuff to watch on TV. :-)
Also found an interesting series on Netflix called The Kirlian Frequency as well.
I am on the mend and even managed to get out to do a little shopping so hopefully, I will be back to normal and back to my work placement.
23rd-Feb-2019 09:18 pm - Summer flu
Well, my husband proved that he is a sharing caring person because he has just shared his flu with me. I am parked on the lounge feeling miserable. I even canceled lunch with my daughter and her boyfriend which was something I was looking forward to. I have spent the day taking throat lozenges and watching my favourite movies on tv. It was cold and rainy today which is a relief from the heat. Hope I am over this by Monday because I am at Cronulla for my work placement.
7th-Feb-2019 11:04 am - Some Good News
Well, I have finally finished my course, Certificate lll in Community Services. All done, now all I have to do is wait to have the final assessments graded and next week I start my work placement. I have decided to do it with a local, not for profit organisation that arranges activities for elderly people. I have to do 120 hours so the manager who runs it is giving me three days a week in five hour lots. I am looking forward to it and hopefully, this will lead me into a counselling course.
29th-Jan-2019 07:13 pm - Ouchie
Poor Steve has been in the wars. First, his knees and hips have been playing up and heatwave has been making him feel really tired and he has been out working in it. Now he's got a bite on his finger from one of the cockatoos we have been feeding. We have birdseed for the wild birds and a fruit and nut mix for the Lorikeets and the Currawongs. After giving the cockies their seed he went to give the Lorikeets they food when one of the cockie's grabbed his finger to pull the bag of bird mix towards him. Now Steve has a cut on his finger and the cockatoo is in disgrace. No more treats for them. Hopefully, Steve will forgive the cockatoo and they can be friends again. :-)
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