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Lady Midath's Journal
Views From The Edge
A mixed week 
24th-Jun-2018 12:23 pm
What a roller-coaster of a week. First of all Steve hurt his hand at work, he took a fall off the back of his truck while he was unloading it and fractured his middle finger and tore a couple of ligaments in the back of his hand. He now has his fingers taped up, poor thing.
I have had to re-home both my pets. My cat who I have had for years started attacking my little terrier x. The attacks were becoming more and more vicious to the point where my dog nearly lost one of his eyes.
I have no idea what started this. Both Tom the cat and Tipper the dog were living to together just fine then suddenly Tom turned into Hannibal Lector.
My youngest daughter has taken the cat, I drove out him out to her this morning. She has sent me a couple of photos showing Tom has settled right in.
I will be re homing Tipper a little later this week. I feel really bad about this but the amount of time Steve and I are away and now there is no one here to keep Tipper company and he can't be left alone. He is too sociable. It will be strange not to have any pets around as I have always had animals. Still I can't see what else I can do.
On a lighter note, I have my new laptop. My old Toshiba was on it's last legs so Steve took me to The Good Guys. They are having a sale so now I have a new Lenovo. It's a great computer. The only thing is that when I use the @ key, it comes up " instead and vice versa. Steve asked if I wanted to take it back but I am keeping it as I like the fact it's a little eccentric, like me.:-)
24th-Jun-2018 10:41 pm (UTC)
Sweetie, what a time you're having! Hope Steve is all better soon.

Sorry about the pets. We're trying to introduce a couple more kitties to the household, but Squeaky has always been an only child. She hisses at me and the kittens when I bring them in.

Yay! For the new laptop! J is off work right now and planning to put a bigger hard drive and more memory in my laptop. It is ssoooo sslloowww.
25th-Jun-2018 03:32 am (UTC)
It is sad but I think it's for the best, the place will be quiet without them though.
It is hard to introduce new animals, especially if Squeaky is used to being the only fur baby. Good luck, the kittens sound adorable.
My laptop was slow and kept freezing, the keyboard wasn't working properly so it was time to retire it. Yay for a bigger hard drive and more memory, a computer can never have too much memory in my opinion. :-)
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