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Lady Midath's Journal
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24th-Aug-2018 06:07 pm - Another Day Another PM
So it seems that my local member Scott Morrison is now our new Prime Minister. God help us all.
...and passed thank god. It's a good course and I am really enjoying it but it is really involved so I really have to buckle down. It's good that I have the flat to myself for most of the day so I can study in quiet. There are a lot of good libraries in the area as well so they are another good place to study. The only problem is that they don't have a lot of reference books on the subject that I am studying so I think I am going to have to visit the TAFE campus and use their libraries there.
On another note, Steve has been having trouble with his knees and back lately and I have been waking up really stiff and sore. (I call it old geezers syndrome LOL) so we drove out to the Supa Centre and bought a new mattress. Hopefully, it will improve our sleep and we won't wake up feeling so stiff and sore.
12th-Aug-2018 01:05 pm - Back From Queensland
Steve and I have gotten back from Queensland. We decided not to stay an extra night in Coffs Harbour, we just wanted to get back home. Had a lovely visit with my sister, brother-in-law and two of my nieces. Finally got to meet my little grand niece as well. :-) We got in at about 1 am and we slept straight through until nearly 8. Then we just went out to take the truck back and grab some breakfast. We did a little shopping and now we are both taking it easy.
I am really pissed off at the moment though, I went to start my car up. It's a little two-door Mitsubishi Lancer. We had been having some battery trouble, a rust protector cap had been draining the battery but it's fixed now. I still wanted to check that the car would start up and she did, so the problem seems like it's been taken care off.
But then I decided to open the boot to get some shopping bags out, only the damn lock seems to have frozen. I pulled the key out and it is completely bent. It's the only car key I have so now I have to get the bloody thing fixed. Probably going to cost me a hundred dollars. Not a great start to the day. :-(
Still, it's nice to be back home.
28th-Jul-2018 01:39 pm - Back from holiday
Steve and I had a lovely holiday, we went to Tumut, Perisher Valley to play in the snow and Merrimbula Beach. It was nice to have a break. The holiday resort at Merrimbula Beach was great. We are planning on going back when the weather is warmer. Steve and I took a scenic flight over the coastline. It was the first time I had been up in a light airplane.

I have also started a distance course on Community and I hope to follow it up with a Counseling course. The one I was doing through OTEN actually was not the correct course so hopefully this one will help get into counseling. I would like to work with one of the local charities if I could. So far it has been going well, so fingers crossed. :-)
9th-Jul-2018 04:32 pm - A Lovely Day At The Camillia Gardens
I decided to go for a walk around the Camillia Gardens today. It's a lovely place not far from where I live. It's right on the bay so there is a huge abundance of wildlife and birds and the creek running through it. I love the picnic areas and the play areas for the kids. The creek is filled with koi and the occasional tortoise and confused lost looking eel. :-)
I love the huge colony of flying foxes, possums and reptiles, although I can definitely do without the snakes LOL
I really should do this more often.
A couple of photos I took. :-)
29th-Jun-2018 06:31 pm - Feeling Sad
I have re-homed my little dog so I am feeling sad. With both my cat and dog gone to new homes now the unit seems so quiet. I called in to visit Dad and he is not doing so well. He is nearly 94 and he now has two spots on his lungs-he is a non smoker-and his prostate is enlarged so that's a worry at his age.
Steve and I had a few other things to do then we went to our favourite club for coffee and cake. I have to say it's strange not being greeted by the furry guys, it's so quiet now but as Steve has pointed out, the amount of travel that we do, it's better that they go to homes where they are not being left alone all the time. This is the first time in my life where I haven't had pets so it will be an adjustment.
24th-Jun-2018 12:23 pm - A mixed week
What a roller-coaster of a week. First of all Steve hurt his hand at work, he took a fall off the back of his truck while he was unloading it and fractured his middle finger and tore a couple of ligaments in the back of his hand. He now has his fingers taped up, poor thing.
I have had to re-home both my pets. My cat who I have had for years started attacking my little terrier x. The attacks were becoming more and more vicious to the point where my dog nearly lost one of his eyes.
I have no idea what started this. Both Tom the cat and Tipper the dog were living to together just fine then suddenly Tom turned into Hannibal Lector.
My youngest daughter has taken the cat, I drove out him out to her this morning. She has sent me a couple of photos showing Tom has settled right in.
I will be re homing Tipper a little later this week. I feel really bad about this but the amount of time Steve and I are away and now there is no one here to keep Tipper company and he can't be left alone. He is too sociable. It will be strange not to have any pets around as I have always had animals. Still I can't see what else I can do.
On a lighter note, I have my new laptop. My old Toshiba was on it's last legs so Steve took me to The Good Guys. They are having a sale so now I have a new Lenovo. It's a great computer. The only thing is that when I use the @ key, it comes up " instead and vice versa. Steve asked if I wanted to take it back but I am keeping it as I like the fact it's a little eccentric, like me.:-)
15th-Jun-2018 09:45 am - Supanova
Going to Supanova today and Sexpo tomorrow. I usually attend Supanova on Saturday as there are more cosplayers but because Steve and I are going to Sexpo today is the only day I have to go. One good point though, less crowds to gave to get through to check out the back issue comics and collectables. 😊
28th-Apr-2018 04:04 pm - The Avengers Infinity War
I am so looking forward to seeing this. I am waiting for the kids school holidays to finish, (they go back Tuesday,) and then  I am going to go and see it. :-)
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