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Lady Midath's Journal
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28th-Jan-2018 12:45 pm - Rather surprising...
I was at the local hospital today visiting a friend of mine. She is confined to a wheelchair and she has been having breathing and swallowing problems. While I was there, a visitor asked if they have an MRI there. It seems that they don't and have to refer patients to St George hospital to have it done. The nurse was telling me that they are just as astounded that a hospital this size does not have one. They have been trying but can't get the funding. This is while our politicians are taking their families on overseas vacations and charging the taxpayers for it. Disgusting.
23rd-Jan-2018 05:03 pm - Hospital today
I had the test for my heart done today. The hospital staff and the cardiologist were really nice. I had to go under a local anaesthetic so they could put the stent in and inject the dye, The good news is that my heart is fine. So now onto the next test to see where all the fluid in my legs is coming from.

Talk about a rocky start to the morning though. I was supposed to be at the hospital by 10am, my husband hurt his back. I had to call the ambulance and what made it worse was, we had Steven's son with us. We must have scared the poor kid to death, what with his father rolling on the floor in agony and me trying to call the ambulance.
His mum came and picked him up and the paramedic gave Steve a handful of painkillers.
While I was at the hospital, he went to the physio and had acupuncture and massage with really helped.
The one thing that had me worried though was my blood sugar after the nurse gave me some sandwiches, it was over ten. Yikes, I am still sticking to the low carb diet though. I have lost over two kilos. Yay.
6th-Jan-2018 01:33 pm - So proud of my daughter
My middle daughter suffers from social anxiety and general anxiety. She was diagnosed with Asperger's at the age of four so it is difficult for her to interact with strangers even on an everyday basis. She is in her early twenties now and has gone through a lot of horrible crap including a nasty breakup and multiple court cases that he has dragged her though hell as well as losing her job because she fell pregnant. (Yeah, that actually happened.) Other than give up and crawl under the bed, she has decided to face her fears and get out and meet new people. She loves to knit and crochet and sew. She decided with the help of an old friend to create and knitting group. She went online and got a few replies so she organised a place for the group to meet. Our friend, an older lady cancelled at the last minute leaving my daughter high and dry to meet new people on her own. But instead of cancelling, or going into a panic, she went out there on her own to meet and greet the new members. She asked if I could go out there. (I am not a member of the group as I really don't knit or crochet,) for moral support but I had an appointment I could not cancel. The poor thing was terrified, but she went out there and sat and waited. (Look, I know she is an adult, but for her, this was really scary.) Sadly no one showed but she is undaunted and willing to try again. This is a huge step forward for her, I am so happy and proud. She really is coming out of her shell. :-)
4th-Jan-2018 08:02 am - Happy New Year
Although it has been a rather sad start with finding out a young girl who I used to live near passed away. I had not seen her since she was in school but I remember her as a sweet happy little girl who loved playing with my kids. My heart goes out to her family.

On a slightly happier note, Steve and I might be doing another job up to Queensland. I always love going up north, the only problem though is that the heat tends to wipe Steve. He hates the heat. Still, it's always an awesome road trip.

I have a feeling 2018 is going to be a bit of a mixed bag. Hmmm...
Merry Christmas and happy holidays. I hope you all have a wonderful time. Steve and I are having a quiet Christmas this year. With all the kids scattered around the country and one over in New Zealand, we decided to just have Christmas at home this year. Steve's son is spending the day with us. He has his Star Wars lego so he is happy. LOL.
Speaking of Star Wars, I saw the Last Jedi. I really enjoyed it, I don't know why so many people hated it, I thought it was good. Oh well...

Well off to eat more Christmas goodies. Have fun everyone.
14th-Dec-2017 06:01 pm - Some more health news
Well I got the blood test results back from the doctor and it seems that I have pre-diabetes. My insulin and glucose have been roller coasting and as my doctor explained to me, it's a red flag. The fact that it is type 2 is even worse. (gulp) So I am making some big lifestyle changes including ridding myself of white carbs like bread, rice and pasta and swapping them for wholegrain bread, wholegrain rice and wholegrain pasta but in much smaller amounts. More fresh fruit and salads and more exercise. Wish me luck. *g*

I also contacted Diabetes NSW and they sent me a whole lot of information including some recipes and tips. I can also join even though I am not diabetic yet but trying to prevent it.

If anyone knows anything about type 2 diabetes please let me know if you have any advice. My husband is diabetic, type 1 and so we are careful what we eat and drink, but I would love to learn more. :-)
4th-Dec-2017 03:59 pm - Still waiting for the mega storm.
All week the weather bureau have been predicting dire storms, flooding and probably a plague of locust as well. :-) Needless to say, it never happened. We did finally get some rain, nothing like out of the Bible or a Hollywood movie, it has cooled things down though which, while not life threatening, is nice.
Why is it these days when I am watching the weather, they are always predicting horrendous storms that never happen? Still, it is entertaining to watch the weather people get themselves worked up.
18th-Nov-2017 02:13 pm - Well It's all over...
...and thank god it is. I am talking about the postal vote on marriage equality and what a fucking nightmare that was. The no campaign was as ugly and as mean spirited as we expected along with people being attacked and homes being vandalised. One creep even tried to kick a dog because it was wearing a rainbow scarf. Of course the creep in charge, Turnbull is now trying to take all the credit even though he was told time after time that the postal vote would be harmful to the LGBTQIA community and it would be unnecessarily expensive. Which BTW, it was. But Australia voted yes overwhelmingly and hopefully it has put the final nail in this government's coffin.
13th-Nov-2017 08:52 am - Back From Melbourne
Steve and I are back from Melbourne, our second favourite city, (although Cairns and Adelaide will always have a part of my heart) The removal job went really well. It was so easy just some boxes to transport back. (We were moving a university student.) The drive there was lovely as was the drive back. Some bad news though, the owner of the company is not well. Steve and I are going to help him as much as we can while he is recovering.
2nd-Nov-2017 08:08 am - Happy Halloween
I know it's a bit late but I have come down with a nasty does of the flu. My husband had it and now so do I. To his credit, he is taking care of me. :-)
I spent Halloween on the couch watching scary movies on my laptop while eating lollies while Steve watched the A&E channel. I didn't decorate this year as I am in a unit now. I used to decorate the front of the house and I miss that even though I love my unit. I might decorate next year though. I also saw Thor Ragnarok. It was awesome. I won't say any more but I might do a Geeky Girl review. I haven't done one in so long. Also watched a couple of good horror movies, A Dark Song, Sound and Night World. No blood and guts hitting the screen, just good acting and creepy atmosphere.
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